My husband is a coach. A loud one. I cringe a lot when he's hollering and I resist the urge to look at the faces of the parents because I know they're secretly plotting to slash our tires sometimes. 

You know it's true. 

But my husband makes quite an impact with the way he intentionally builds up the players on his team. Loudly.  Even the weakest ones. My favorite thing I hear him say to them after a good play or a good effort is "I SEE YOU!!!" He often calls them by name. "I see you Reggie!! I see you!!" 

Their whole face lights up. Eyes get big. Heart gets full. Yes I can see their heart. Even through their uniforms & face masks. It's in the expression on their face. They're saying with their eyes "He noticed me!!" 

So a couple days ago when I was picking up pieces of Pringles and throwing out half empty cans of root beer and sweeping up rice kernels that fell out of a bag where we were attempting to dry out an iPhone I thought to myself "I don't think this is what I wanted to do with my life. Remember last week Lord when I did some really scary but awesome things for You?? With you?? I like that stuff better than driving my taxi SUV and wiping noses and making sandwiches and picking up Pringles." 

And He said "I see you, Shea. I see you." 

Because we need to be noticed. And He knows our needs. 

Mama - He sees you. He sees the pile of dishes that you work through even though you're beyond exhausted and are resisting the urge to lay your head down and rest and let the dishes sit and rot another day. 

He sees you in the morning as you drive your kids to school and head to work wondering if you're making a difference at all other than a paycheck. 

He sees you loving the unlovable. He sees you wiping the nasty. He sees you washing the dirty. He sees you hugging the grouchy. He sees you choosing to get out of bed one.more.day to serve your family. Even if it's toast or cereal. He sees you. 

He sees your contributions no matter how insignificant you feel like they are. To your family, your community, your team, your friends, your enemies. He sees you. 

And yes He sees the ugly. He does. He knows. 

I think of the woman at the well who said "Come see the man who told me all that I ever did!!" It wasn't pretty. All she ever did was not anything she wanted to talk to Jesus about. But she didn't have to. He knew. And He wasn't withdrawing from her. He approached her. It was happy hour at the well and He wanted to help her see that she wasn't an outcast - she was forgiven. So forgiven that He wanted to share a drink with her. That is a HAPPY HOUR. 

Most of us don't have time for a drink with God because we feel like He wants more FROM US. And we are already spent. Completely poured out. Overwhelmed and under valued. 

I'm telling you -- He sees that. He doesn't have a need to add to your to do list. 

He wants more FOR US. He wants us to have Him. He wants us to enjoy Him. He wants us to understand that He's shouting in such powerful whispers "I see you!" 

He sees the hands that wipe the hineys and wash the dishes. The hearts that break for the hurting. The minds that work constantly to choose forgiveness and move on in peace. He sees the back that bends over daily picking up after a family who forgets to thank you. He sees you. He sees your taxi service and your sack lunches and your rush through the drive through for a last minute meal for the family. He is whispering "I see you."

And we just need to turn to Him. We need to look up and say "this is my offering...for you Lord..." Because as we acknowledge His presence and ask Him to keep whispering we are suddenly not alone. He was there all along, yes. But we must make time to look up and say "I hear You. You know me. You love me. You see me. I do this for you and for your glory." 

It will change your heart and your hands and you will be more moved to serve than ever before.