I have asked a lot of moms & wives & women in general if they feel like they are "enough". No one has ever said yes. They never feel like they do enough, love enough, give enough, serve enough, cook enough, clean up enough, launder enough, make enough....

Truth is, I don’t ever feel like enough either.

In my heart I want so much to encourage you, young mom, wife, professional, menopauser, grandmother, teen….and tell you “YOU are enough.” I want to say with conviction and confidence “I AM ENOUGH” and have you repeat after me.

But the thing is….every time I bring this before God…He says:

“My grace is sufficient.”

Wait…what? So….are you saying…I’m NOT enough?

“My grace is sufficient. My power is perfected in your weakness.”

So I scratched my head on that for about 6 months. Until a few nights ago. While I was washing the dishes it clicked.

The moment I come to terms with the fact that I am NOT enough…is the moment where I begin to experience His grace dispensed through me for the tasks ahead when I am spent. You know the moment. That moment when you are completely DONE for the day but the day is not done with you. You have hours to go and nothing left to give. And a lot of people with needs and expectations for you to meet.

This is where you choose anger, frustration, bitterness, pride, unforgiveness, failure, rejection….


You whisper…”I am not enough.”

And the great I AM says …..”I AM.” And His Spirit fills you with the strength for the next step. The next task. The next opportunity for service or obedience or just loading the dang dishwasher.

Here’s the thing though….the earlier in the day we confess that…the more productive we can be. Not necessarily for our kingdom…but for the Kingdom where our productivity has eternal rewards. I love that kind of return on investment. Invest in weakness.

You are not enough. He is. And He loves to work in and through you.