It’s intriguing to me that when children fall or get in a scary situation, they look to their parents to see how they should respond.

When our boys were little they fell all. the. time. I learned to laugh it off or just act like they were fine. Most of the time, even if they were really hurt, they adopted my view of the situation. It always surprised me. They could be bloody and laughing. Because mom wasn’t scared. I realized I had a lot of power in their life. So many of my actions were shaping their reactions.

I would notice other moms who FLIPPED OUT every time their child fell and….their child learned to FLIP OUT too. Interesting.


I’ve been asking the Lord for better perspective on things. On people. On situations. On ideas that I have…and dreams.

So I have learned to look up. I’m learning to look up and see what His face says. What His view is. What He might be wanting me to think/feel/say/do in each situation I find myself in. Sometimes it’s more obvious than others.

I love the thought of my eyes looking up to the Lord like a child to her father…anxious to see His face and expression…and changing my reaction to reflect His. Aligning my thoughts with His thoughts. Adapting His views.


Sure…this happens through prayer and reading the Word…seeking counsel and just enjoying other believers. But it also happens as the Word that has been planted in you is stirred up in your soul. It gets LIFE when you let it stir…when you give yourself time before reacting and the chance to apply it. Hush flesh. GO SPIRIT. 

The Word planted in your soul has hands and feet when you stir it UP…looking UP to the One who can give you the grace to walk in it.

Our oldest son was having a rough morning early this week. I was tempted to whip him quickly into shape, adjust his attitude so that my morning wasn’t disrupted, and rush him off to school.

God had other plans.

Hush flesh. GO SPIRIT.

We had a conversation where I had the opportunity to explain to him that God’s commands for us aren’t burdensome…and our desire as his parents is to reflect that with our expectations of him as our son. I explained that we want him to obey us because it is GOOD for him. So good. That we have a future goal in mind for him and for his life. We see the bigger picture. And that we are the authority placed in his life by God for his GOOD. I grabbed his precious 10 year old face and said “Jacob, I adore you. I don’t lord commandments over you just to make you miserable. I want more for you than you can imagine. Trust me.” He cried. He said “I do mom. I trust you.” I cried.

And in my soul I heard…

Child…get this…rest in it…hush flesh…I AM speaking to your spirit here…

I adore you. I have greater plans for you than you can ask for or imagine. My perspective is eternal. My goal is your good and My glory. I do not separate the two. I am not here to burden you with commands. I have SET YOU FREE. You are covered. In Christ, child. Covered. I adore you. Trust Me. Look at Me. In every situation, let Me share My view with you. When you learn to gaze on this world as I do, you experience true intimacy with Me. You learn to trust my love for you. You are free. Look up.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.
{Psalm 121}