Tonight was long. Too long if you ask me. 

I stood in the kitchen staring at the pieces of dinner and thought MAN I’d rather do about 13 other things than this right now. Sleep being the first. 

“Mom can you come look at my project? I’m almost done!” 

I’d rather not. 

“Mom can you help me find Jackie Robinson on Google? I need some information by tomorrow.” 

“In a minute. I’m making dinner.” Or thinking about it. 

“Mom just come look at this project real quick ’cause I want to see what you think.” 

I can tell you what I think from here. “It’s fantastic! YOU are fantastic. Great job.” 

“Mom you didn’t even see it!” 

“Gimme a sec.” Gripping the counter…sucking up the frustrations….I hear the Lord whisper 

…this is your offering…

My offering?? This dinner? This joke of a dinner that my bad attitude is flavoring with bitterness??

…you, Shea. Right now. You are an offering…

To YOU Lord? Just like this? I don’t like me right now. I’m done. I’m so worn out. This mom thing is UGH sometimes.

…it’s Ok to be weak…

I don’t like being weak. I want to be strong. 

…you should see what I see when I look at you, Shea…I see my strength…

Then WHY am I so WORN OUT?? 

…because you’re only relying on YOU.


So Lord you want to give me strength to make dinner?? as an offering??

 …I do.

Like the same way you give strength to missionaries in foreign lands doing GREAT THINGS for your name?? I mean they’re over there alone and they need your strength to speak foreign languages and turn foreign religions toward a HOLY GOD and cause them to bow down. All I need to do is make pepperoni rolls and you’re saying you want to meet me right here in this kitchen and give me strength to do it? 

…I do. 

Ok so just to be clear, every time I wash the same clothes I washed last week, sweep the same floor I swept yesterday, wash the same dishes I washed the day before…that’s all an offering too? 

…it is. 

Good because no one notices Lord. 

…I do. 

But is it ENOUGH?? I mean don’t you want MORE from me? Don’t you want more FOR ME?? 

…you are enough. 

Suddenly it’s like a holy rush came through my fingers and I made pepperoni rolls as an offering to God. No joke. I. Made. Pepperoni. Rolls. To. The. Glory. Of. God. 

I think some other mamas need to hear this….

You are enough. 

You truly are.


You know what’s NOT enough? Ten minutes in the morning. A head nod toward God and then off with our day. That’s not how it works. He wants every moment. Engaged with Him. Listening to Him. Working WITH Him and for Him. He goes to work on you, too. In you. Through you. There’s nothing better. 

Humble yourself. Under the mighty hand of God. He will exalt you. At the right time. 

Cast all your cares on Him. Even the LACK of care about things like…dinner??  projects?? Yes. That. 

Cast on Him the burdens that your mama heart can’t handle. Cast on Him the need to figure everything out. Cast on Him the anger. Cast on Him the pain. Cast on Him the frustration. Cast on Him the fear. Let go. 

Stop trying. To fix everything. 

It’s like sweeping up glitter. 

Be sober. Seriously. So that you can be vigilant. Relentless. An offering.

You have an enemy, sister. He comes in different forms. Learn to recognize him. Cast him OFF. Resist him. 

Be steadfast in your faith. Stand firm. You can do it. Because…


Let Him whisper that to you. …you are not alone…

be still so you can hear Him. 

The God of all grace is radically at work here. The same One who called you to eternal glory. Yes Him. Through Christ Jesus. 

He’s at work. Perfecting you. Yes. 

Establishing you. For real. 

Strengthening you. You done yet? Aren’t you tired? 

Settling you. Mama needs be settled. Let Him hold you. Let Him rock your weary soul. 

You’re enough. 

Because He’s enough. 

And He is in you. 

To HIM be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.