True Love.

I should probably not write a blog about a movie I’m not going to see based on a book I did not and will not read. So I’ll take a different approach. And sorta do it anyway. I can give you my best plea about not watching this movie - but it won’t matter if you don’t know you are loved. Let me explain.

I googled 50 Shades of Grey just to see when the movie came out, as I had considered writing about it for some time. Well, it’s today. And the first option on Google was a video of a woman with duct tape on her eyes and her hands seem to be tethered somehow and I got so sick to my stomach. All I had to do was push the play button and I could get a peek into this cultural obsession. Yes I am free to do that. And no one would know. 

Here’s why I won’t push play. 

I love the Word of God. I trust that it is true. I believe His commands are not burdensome. I believe He knows what is best for me. (insert 4,031 verses here)

And I’ve seen this stuff play out before, ladies. Pornography is addictive. We aren’t above it. 

Yes I DO. I get it. You say it’s only going to enrich your sex life with your husband. You say it will just be fun with your girlfriends. You say this stuff doesn’t affect you. You say you just want to be culturally relevant and not a prude. 

I say (lovingly but with great caution) you are deceived. I say this is a slippery slope into devastating habitual sin. I say that to go watch that movie would be to enjoy total perversion of the gift the Lord has given us in sexual intimacy inside a covenant marriage relationship. And you will want MORE. It will never be enough. 

What you do in your bedroom behind closed doors is between you and your man. But it is not to be viewed by anyone but God himself. 

Bottom line on this deal is that if you don’t know you are loved by your God…if you don’t trust His Word is good and pure ….if you don’t believe He is FOR you….

I can see why you would feel like you need to find more pleasure in this world. 

And it breaks my heart. It really does. No really. Like I’m weeping this morning because I want you to know that love. I have visions of broken women standing in line at ticket counters hoping they will feel something in this movie they’ve never felt before. It. Breaks. My. Heart.

I want you to know the unconditional love of a good, kind Father.  The love of a daddy who cheers you on in this life as you run your race…a pursuit of holiness and Christlikeness. A God who takes sin seriously because He knows what is best for you. You can trust Him. The love of a Savior who saw you dead in your sin, pursuing the fleeting pleasure of this world, and sent a way for intimacy and peace and hope and GREAT JOY. 

So here’s a video for you. I want you to watch because it is the sweetest sound of love. There is no duct tape and no tethering. This girl is free and loved. 

Maybe it’s a stretch. But for me it makes perfect sense. You’ll hear my brother with his Texas accent cheering on his youngest daughter as she is learning to crawl. When I first watched it I immediately saw a picture of what God does for me as I pursue Him. He tenderly encourages me and guides me and He believes in ME. Because He created me. He is SO patient with me. And we are walking a journey together like NO OTHER with pleasure I can’t even put into words. My eyes are wide open and my hands and feet are not tethered - they are free to serve and love and enjoy Him and His people.

I want you to know this love. It’s such a great glimpse of a daddy who loves his little girl and wants her to grow. Into wisdom and righteousness and purity and hope and INTO THE ARMS OF JESUS. With eyes. wide. open. You’re safe with Him.