Designed for Beauty.

People fascinate me.

This morning in the airport I overhead a man at check-in say he's a former pilot who is now afraid of flying. He's on his third attempt to make this flight from Lubbock to Houston. He's scared. I'm super curious about what happened. He's courageous.

When I went through security I got stopped for something that came up in the lovely body scan. ALWAYS do. I don't know why. I think I must've swallowed a screw as a child. I'm telling you, it shows up every time. So as the woman rubbed my back (awkward), she felt something and asked about it. I quickly responded "That's the seam of my SPANX. Wanna see?" What I MEANT by that was "do you NEED to see it so you can be sure I'm not armed and dangerous?" But it was early and it came out wrong. Oops. She laughed pretty hard. Maybe she needed that.

Then in line at Starbucks I stood behind a beautiful young Asian girl, probably about 5 or 6 years old, and her obviously adopted mom. The daughter was deaf but had a pink bow in her hair that matched the Minnie Mouse on her luggage. She pointed it out to me. And she beamed. So did I. For about 3 seconds. Then she stressed out completely as she saw her water bottle & started grabbing things from the Starbucks counter to fill it. She was panicking audibly. I realized she couldn't hear herself and it broke my heart. Her mom was patiently signing to her "your voice is too loud sweetie. Whisper. Whisper. I'm getting you water. You'll be ok." It takes a long time to sign all of that while also paying for your coffee and trying not to let her spill it. I wanted to help so bad. On my way to my gate I stopped the mom and said "Your daughter is beautiful. Truly. And YOU! You are amazing. I mean it." She said "Oh no. I'm really not." And in my sternest 'don't make me count to three' voice I said it again "Yes. You are. You're amazing."

Makes me cry.  It just seems like there are so many women starving for encouragement & believing lies about themselves. I've noticed this for a long time. The Dove commercial  just stinking BROKE MY HEART.

Watch it. Now is good. 


Someone asked me what door I would've gone through. NEITHER ONE!! I would stand outside both doors boldly convincing women they are BEAUTIFUL. In that vulnerable moment where they pause to decide who they are, I would be armed with motivational speeches full of scripture prepared to convince them they deserved to walk through the BEAUTIFUL door. They were designed to be beautiful. I promise. I know the Designer. There's a Way to walk through that door with confidence.

It's my life's work to proclaim it. 

I'm praying the Lord puts more of these women in my path. Not that I can fix them. I don't want to "fix them" and I don't have time. I just want to be able to love on them for a moment and point them to Jesus.

I don't tell you this stuff so you'll be like "Yay, Shea! Good job encouraging people. Go get 'em."

No. I don't need that.

I'm telling you what a joy it is to know who I am. To know where my strength comes from. To know who I serve and what my purpose is. When the Lord fills my cup to overflowing, it's really fun to let his love spill out on others in unique ways that only He could orchestrate.

I'm super thankful He rescued (and continues to rescue) me from insecurity so that I have something to GIVE. When my cup was empty I was constantly looking for someone or something to fill it. I was dangerous to myself and others. Now I'm a different kind of dangerous. Armed and above-average dangerous. A beautifully dangerous disciple in the Lord's eyes. Confident in my faith because of who He is in me. I'm walking around with the Hope of Glory praying people see that in me!!


You're amazing.

Don't feel that way? Ask your Creator to tell you about Himself. Let Him speak to you about who YOU are, who you serve, and what He wants you to do about that. Start by reading His Word.  The Bible. Maybe start in Psalms. Or Proverbs. Or John. Just start. The Bible is full of messages to equip you with strength for today & fill your cup. Let Him pour out the other crap you've filled it with. It's a glorious exchange.

UPDATE : One of my awesome friends who is a ROCKSTAR audiologist, just so HAPPENED to be on the same flight I'm on and just so HAPPENED to sit by the young deaf girl in the back of the plane with her mom. (See what God did there???) My friend was able to communicate with the young girl during the flight and totally lifted her spirits. And mine, of course, when she told me that the little girl was on her way to England to be "mapped" for a device that may one day give her the ability to HEAR. Of course she is. Adopted from China and placed into a family who can give her a life she could never have imagined. Sounds like our great God, doesn't it?