What If We Came Dirty?

When I was a little girl, Easter was a huge celebration in my family. My parents took us to plays where they acted out the entire story of Palm Sunday, the week leading up to Christ's death, and then His miraculous resurrection. It never got old. I remember being profoundly impacted by the idea that Jesus would willingly go to the cross for the dudes who wouldn't believe a word he said and who mocked his every move.  I also remember leaning over to my sweet daddy and saying "Dad, I cry at this every single time." He responded quickly and beautifully with "Don't worry about crying every time. Worry if you ever stop crying." 

I knew what he meant. He didn't mean I had to cry to show that I understood it. He meant that the story of Jesus and his death for us should ALWAYS move me. If tears flow, fine. If not, fine. But it should MOVE ME. Every time I think on these things. 

Well, it has moved me alright. And recently I've been really bothered by something. My other memories of Easter Sunday include wearing matching dresses and taking pictures with cousins and making sure my shoes coordinated and wearing panty hose (EW). Sometimes if we were really serious we would get bonnets. No comment. 

My parents meant well. Dressing up on Easter Sunday is a tradition and I get that. 

But it concerns me. Because for many people, Easter Sunday is the only day they fellowship with believers out of the entire year. It's the only day they "come to church." And if they're so worried about what to wear and how their family will be received because we make such a big deal about Easter clothing and ceremonies.........aren't we missing the point? 

What if we all showed up mismatched and dirty on Easter Sunday? 

Didn't Jesus come for the least of these? For the broken and hurting and weepy and BROKE? As in....no money to buy pretty dresses and bonnets and nail polish to match? 

He did. Take a deep breath. Think about that woman at the well. The one with a ton of husbands. If she had covered herself up and acted like she had it all together...she would have missed the Son of God. Altogether. 

That makes me shutter.

So yeah. It's my concern that we clean ourselves all up and present ourselves to God on Easter Sunday as if we really don't need Him that much. Ya know? If you're gonna show up to church any day of the year having it all together then why come anyway? In fact, why even come to Jesus if you don't have a hair out of place?  A soul that needs healing? An anger problem that needs to be resolved from the inside out? A bitter root that needs to be plucked up by the kind Hands of God that you can trust to prune you with GREATNESS in mind. Not belittling. Not degrading. Greatness. He will bring out the JESUS in you if you bring Him the dirty. 

He wants us to come dirty. So bring it. Your dirty soul and dirty body to Jesus on Easter Sunday.

Or now. He's listening always.

That is what He wants. You in all your humanness uncovered before Him - in the presence of HIs majesty. You're safe there.