When God Interrupts You.

Today is the last day of our vacation. And really it was yesterday because today is just driving. For 8 hours. With 3 energetic boys. 

I woke up at 6am and felt the urge to jump up and start cleaning up and getting ready to go. I kept glancing at the back porch thinking about how I could just live out there. And feeling a little bitter about having to leave. I finished packing up the bathroom and then picked up the living room. We did a lot of living here this week. Which means lots for mama to pick up. 

And God whispers to me “meet me on the back porch.” 

HA! Right!! Lord, you and I both know that if I don’t get all this done and we don’t get on the road in time for that stupid basketball game then then then….I don’t know what but something bad will happen!!!! 

“Shea, meet me on the porch.” 

No. Too much to do. It’s up to me to get this done. Seriously Lord, YOU KNOW THIS!! I don’t have time for the porch. 

“It’s your choice, Shea. I love you.” 

Ok. Thanks.

I pick up dirty socks and dirty dishes and make sure to put the coffee on in case I change my mind about that porch meeting. I felt like He was just smiling at me knowing I would eventually give in. 

Soon enough, I did.  I poured a cup of coffee, grabbed a blanket, took a deep breath, dug through my luggage to find my Bible that I had not cracked open the entire week, and met God on the porch. His kindness and patience with me begged me to meet Him there.

Here I am, God, what’s the plan? (I still had that “make it snappy” attitude) 


OH my goodness. Ok. So I wrap up in the blanket, take some deep breaths, and sip on my coffee and try to channel my inner Beth Moore or whoever might meet God on the porch when she had a billion things to do and places to be. But Beth Moore had left the building. And she wasn’t on the porch. 

So I just sat here. Looked up at the trees and watched the birds and this peace came over me. The muscles in my neck and shoulders started to relax. And I thought “this might be why Mamaw and Pampaw started their days on the porch whenever possible. Hmmm. Noted.” 

I opened my Bible thinking surely God wants me to solve the world’s problems or He would not have called me out here. (I could hear Him whisper "No agenda, Shea...except to love you and teach you to rest in me.....) 

What to read, what to read….let's make this snappy. 

I chose Isaiah. Or it just seemed right. I don’t know how it happened but I got sucked in like a nerdy little school girl to Isaiah 25 and 26. I read it in my head several times. Then out loud.  The Lord used it to speak to me in some areas that needed to be touched so desperately. He used it to say I LOVE YOU. REST. I mean...I knew He was speaking to me but I still kinda doubted. I thought “maybe I’m taking this out of context.” 

{{Sometimes I think the Lord wants to say “SERIOUSLY SHEA?!?! I called you out here on the porch to SPEAK TO YOU and you doubt every word I am saying?!? Go back inside and pick up dirty socks. Have fun with that.” But He didn’t say that. He’s not snarky like me, thank goodness.}} 

He said “I’m here to quiet your soul. I will keep you in perfect peace…keep your mind on me…trust me.” - Isaiah 26:3 

He said other things, too. 

He spoke to battles I’m fighting that no one knows about. 

He spoke to my fight with depression that maybe too many people know about. 

He spoke to my heart that yearns to be heard.

He said “I hear you. Keep shouting, whispering, crying from within. That is prayer. I’m responding. You’ll see. Trust me.” 

And He told me I can get up and keep going and He is going to keep speaking. 

I am going to keep listening.

And keep learning to let Him love me.

It’s my life goal to help women hear the Lord. To help them recognize His voice. To create an urgency in them to put down the dirty socks, the phone, the dishes, turn down the music or the Today show, SHUT OFF THE NOISE, and meet with Him. ENJOY HIM. He yearns to speak to our hearts and so many of US just don’t have time to hear Him. But I’m telling you, ladies, we don’t have time to NOT hear Him. We have hearts that are designed to be moved and motivated by Him to do what He calls us to. I don’t want to do anything else. At least, not after I’ve shared my time with Him. He refocuses my heart and mind and moves things to the top of my to-do list that I would never have considered doing. And I would MISS OUT on so much if I did not follow His lead and listen to His voice and ask Him for strength to get through today. 

Our 10 year old found that rock you see on the table. I’m taking it home as a souvenir and a reminder to daily look up and listen.