hold up.

We’ve got to examine our hearts. We’ve got to hold them up to the truth of Scripture and see where we don’t line up.

It will still be such a temptation to use this “change the world” feeling that is rising up in us to MAKE A NAME FOR OURSELVES. To bring the spotlight on us.

That is not going to last. And it’s the same as the lie of a box of clothing somehow meeting our needs and making us happy. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read this first.)

We need an eternal perspective. 

I’m not going to take you back to Sunday School and go on and on about this. Most of us KNOW what we need to do. Or we know who to ask. We just choose not to do it. Because it’s widely accepted to just.keep.moving.forward. and attending sunday school and church and bible studies with no heart change. 

Rarely in our season of life does anyone hold us accountable for being like Jesus. IT IS NOT COOL. It is not coffee talk.

As Christians our lives should be marked by growth from the inside out. Our culture is SO CONCERNED with AGING and reversing the entire process or at least slowing it down…that we have become completely distracted from what God created us to do. Grow. He created our spirits to GROW. So that our flesh would be ruled by a spirit that follows Jesus and becomes like Him day after day. Forsaking sin and choosing righteousness. A quote I heard yesterday has pierced my soul and reminded me why I get so exhausted trying to make myself a ‘success.’ 

Believers, “let your definition of success be HOLINESS.” 

Psalms 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.

A clean heart? A steadfast spirit? 

Only a relationship with Jesus can do that. And when you pray like that, hope in that direction, and work with the Lord to chisel away at the hard parts of your heart - YOU BECOME HOLY. That is a glorious way to AGE. With purpose and strength and dignity that comes from the inside out and makes a woman RADIANT with the love of the Lord. 

I get exhausted trying to live any other way. 

So yes we need to go out and make a difference. We need CHANGE! We need to declare “NO MORE” over the counterfeits in our life that have zero lasting value and just distract us from reality. 

But that change starts in our hearts….often on our knees….asking our creator God to work in our hearts so we can go out knowing we are the hands and feet of Jesus. That is where the energy comes from. A spirit filled with hope and belief that we have the message of Jesus and can make an eternal difference. ETERNAL. 

And by the way….start with serving your own family. Jesus would want that. It's much easier to meet the needs of the FLESH of our children than it is to pour into their souls. Don't starve their souls, mamas!! But first...you've gotta get yours stirring in the right direction -- toward growth that makes a mama look like Jesus. 

You in?