Freely Give

Last spring I knew that it was time to write a book. It was a dream I had been dreaming for a lot of years.  I kind of thought my first book would be funny. I never thought it would be about my journey to find Jesus during some of the toughest seasons of my life. But that’s what it is. 
I never thought that readers who were suffering would identify with my first book more than anyone else. I never imagined it would connect with hurting hearts and women who wanted more out of life than just the ordinary, mundane moments we experience as moms and daughters and sisters and even as professionals. But as I wrote it, I realized it would tell the story of how I found God to be all I need. In the toughest seasons. And the most mundane moments. I found Him faithful, kind, loving, near, and full of grace.

It was a very overwhelming task for me. I’m not sure why. Most people think that words just roll right off of a writer’s head onto the paper but they don’t. 

I trembled a lot as I wrote. I wept. I laughed. I squirmed. I squirreled. I lost sleep. I got scared. I thought things like, “Do I REALLY want people to know all of this?!?!!?” 

God said, “Yes, you do. I do. I will protect you.” 

“There is purpose in your pain.” 

So I pressed on. 

As the book project got closer to the finish line, I started praying about what to do with it. Publish it? Hide it? Ebook? I settled on offering it as an ebook at $12.99. I sold about 70 copies. 

The money earned from the sale of those copies has been used for several cool things: to support a homeless ministry, to feed the hungry, to sponsor an incarcerated woman for a conference in jail, to buy necessities for a homeless family moving into a home, and to create an LLC for future ministry opportunities. 

The people who read the whole book have said it was powerful. But most of those 70 people had problems downloading the pdf, opening it on their phones, and losing the document. The momentum just ran out and I didn’t feel right about “marketing” it. So I didn’t. And as I prayed that God would show me what to do next, He went silent on the subject. For about 5 months. Until a couple weeks ago when I was reading Matthew 10 where Jesus is sending out the 12. He wants them to go to the lost sheep. He tells them that as they are going, He wants them to announce that the Kingdom has come near, and they’re to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those with skin diseases, and drive out demons. 

The next line is, “Freely you have received, freely give.” 

While my book is not about healing diseases or bringing dead people back to life, it is most definitely about God’s Kingdom on this earth and how we can learn to walk with Him. How we can learn to see Him radically at work in the mundane moments of our lives. How we can experience His Kingdom in the middle of our privilege, our pain, and even our own distractions. He meets us there. I know He does. That’s where I found Him. 

I freely received Him, and I want to freely give my story. 

It comes with bold prayers that you will hear the Holy Spirit speaking in your own seasons of pain. 

Receive it. Find Him. He’s not far off. 

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