The FOUND Journey

I needed a reason to write a book. A reason bigger than “I have a story I want to tell.”

I needed a reason to tell it.  

And I needed to know what to do with any money that would come in if I sold the book. If anyone bought the book. I didn’t want to just pour the money into our bank account and watch it go out with a few swipes of the debit card at Walmart or Papa John’s or Academy. 

I needed a bigger purpose. I asked God for a reason to write. And He gave it to me. 

This is an introduction to the journey He has brought me on...and to the people He put in my path to walk with me.

Meet The FOUNDers

A decade ago, I was a frumpy youth pastor’s wife at a baptist youth camp in Glorieta, NM. I was happy to be away in the mountains and excited to see what the Lord was going to do in the hearts of the students we brought with us. There are always a few kids we don’t know who sign up to come along to camp at the last minute. One of those kids was Corie Williams. She was all decked out in a Victoria’s Secret outfit her boyfriend had bought her at the mall on the way to camp.

Our first encounter was a confrontation about those clothes. They weren’t fitting for camp. And they weren’t fitting for her. 

I knew it. She didn’t.

As the week went on and the Lord spoke clearly - as He often does in the mountains - I began to notice something in Corie. She had a high calling on her life. She was restless and a little rebellious. Looking for love in all the wrong places. But longing to know the love of the Savior. 

Corie got saved that week. And that began a sisterhood that has lasted until this day. 


Perhaps one of the most profound moments in our journey together was during a road trip heading home to Lubbock. We stopped in Post, Texas, but not to use the bathroom or grab Subway like we usually did. We stopped suddenly because we both saw a situation at the same moment that needed our attention. Immediately.  A little boy, probably about two years old, was walking down a neighborhood street heading towards highway 84. I was driving. Without a word, we knew the situation was an emergency. As I started to do a U-turn, Corie realized we wouldn’t be able to turn around completely before the little boy would most certainly be hit by a car.

I stopped in the turn lane.

Corie jumped out of the car.

Ran across the traffic.

And scooped the little boy up into her arms. Literally rescuing him. 

No one else stopped. That still bothers us to this day. We were just two ordinary girls driving by, like everyone else, but we turned around. 

We were both breathless. Not just speechless. BREATHLESS.

We knew that what had just happened was huge. 

And the most tragic part was that the child’s parents were nowhere to be found. 

I started looking at the doors of nearby houses and they were all closed. It didn’t look like anyone was home or out looking for their child. We considered walking up and knocking on doors when suddenly an SUV drove up the road, slammed on the brakes, and a distressed mom jumped out. 

We were holding her son. 

She grabbed him and kissed him held him tight. She told us how the child’s dad had been watching him and had fallen asleep. The screen door had been left unlocked and somehow the 18-month old little boy had escaped.

He was clearly safe in her arms, so we felt like the right thing to do was to leave him and continue our journey home. 


We got in the car and headed back to Lubbock completely overwhelmed with what we just been a part of. That boy’s life was saved. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s a miracle and it’s the truth. I don’t want to journey too far down the road of “what if” we hadn’t been there that day but who knows how that story would have ended.

We knew that something incredibly significant had just occurred. Eternal maybe. Profound for sure. And it connected us deeply. 

We wanted to do that again. 

But where? 




Since that day, we’ve been waiting. Wondering. Wandering, even. We’ve been restless in our own ways. We’ve taken our own paths. We’ve gone back and forth between following Jesus, running from Jesus, and sort of “dating” Jesus - trying to figure out if He’s worth our time and energy and future. And eternity. 

We both agree that He is. 

Our paths collided earlier this year in another divine moment on another highway - Highway I-10 between Texas and Florida. We were reading a book called ‘Just Courage’ by Gary Haugen  and I was begging Corie to wait, again, on the Lord and His plan for her life instead of doing what she knew she could do with the gifts she knew He had given her. 

I also didn’t know how desperately I needed her gifts for what He was calling me to do. She was unemployed and frustrated. I was broken and searching. And that week on the beach we both found Jesus. Not together. I had my moment one day and she had hers the next. But He spoke loud and clear. He aligned our hearts with a vision that only He could could cast before us. We couldn’t even see it clearly at first. But we both said YES, not knowing entirely what the question was. 


After our, “Yes,” was on the table in Florida, we packed our bags and headed home. We were both going home to tough situations. We were both a little timid, but excited. We had found a passion we hadn’t had in a long time and our hearts were stirred. We started dreaming about what we could do with this vision God had set before us. We were planning and dreaming and praying more than ever before.

One day, the event in Post came to both of our minds. We were in different places. I was back in Lubbock and Corie was on the road to Dallas. So, I texted her and said, “I think what happened in Post was a foreshadowing of what we would do together for the rest of our lives.”

Corie responded and said she had just driven through Post. Right by the exact place where we were the day she scooped that boy up in her arms. She was listening to a sermon by John Piper and he was preaching on the safe place in Jesus RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT. She said she saw herself SCOOPING up kids and taking them to shelter. To the safe place. 

Looking back now, I can see how our passions collided in that moment 5 years ago. I have always had a heart for women’s “ministry” but wanted to see it done in such a way that women are brought to the feet of Jesus. To weep, to worship, to pour out their hearts or their jars or their pain. And then to walk in the freedom that He gives us when we come to Him. I want to show women how to expend the energy He supplies to meet the needs of those around us. Not just our families, but the needs of the people that Jesus would hang out with. The homeless, the prisoner, the orphan, the widow, the needy. 

We have a deep desire to help connect restless women with the needs of the least of these. 

In your own city. In your own community. In your own cul de sac.


The Lord has told us what is good. What he requires of us is this: to do what is just, to show constant love, and to live in humble fellowship with our God.
Micah 6:8



There’s much more to this story. We invite you to read the eBook available for download at

This journey has only just begun.