A Prayer for the Privileged


Oh my goodness God,

The injustice. 

West Virginia.
Washington DC.
Wall Street.
I could go on.

The masses are getting away with murder. 
With abuse. 
With power and control. Taken not earned.
And they keep taking. No one is learning any lessons. 
The privileged and powerful are taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of others. 
Shooting the innocent. Bombing the innocent. Blaming the innocent.

We are trafficking the innocent… leading them right to slaughter… while the guilty get away with murder. And we all… all of us privileged Christians… keep swiping our iPhones instead of turning the pages of our Bibles.

And You whisper to me that You've known all along. Nothing is hidden from You. You’re not shocked. 

You haven’t fallen off Your throne.

It's not going to get better is it… it's just one news story after another that boggles the brain and disrupts our faith in our nation… or our money… stock market… next President and current President… 

Maybe now, Lord. 
Maybe now we will turn to you. 

Our government has failed us. Our justice system has failed us. Our economy has failed us. Our “leaders” have failed us. Our insurance plans are failing us. Our 12 step programs have failed us. Our self help books have failed us.

We've learned a hard lesson. 
Nothing on this earth is the answer.

Heaven is. Jesus is. 

His justice system started before time began. And you sent Him as a servant...to conquer the serpent...and make all things new. All things right. 

He was and is the just and the justifier. 

Oh dear heavenly Father we are desperate for you. 

We are finally desperate. 
Whether we realize it or not, we are all desperate.

Let us turn to you. 

Let all these failures point our feeble minds to the truths you've been whispering since the day we first said YES to Jesus. Since the day we accepted the call of the Savior. Since the day we said we would follow You because we knew we were sinners who needed saving. 

Let these failures of the systems we’ve trusted turn our eyes and hearts to the truths that have been preached at us as we sat comfortably in our pews because we know where our next meal is coming from. 

Let the USA keep failing US so that we turn to YOU.

And thank you. I think if I was praying the way they taught me in Sunday school the praise would come out first, but I really didn't think to praise You until I poured out the angst in my soul. 

But now I see You. I feel You. I know You are listening and You made a way. 
Thank you for making a way for us to turn to you. 

Thank you for the privilege of prayer.

Thank you for revealing to us our own desperation for you to act according to Your will and Your good pleasure. 

We know that these things break your heart. 
Break our heart for them too. 

We don’t think we can identify with them but our time is coming. It’s coming soon. And if we don’t get our hearts right now, in preparation for what is to come, will it be too late? Oh Lord, stir in us a desperation for more of you. 

Less of us.

Not because we fear for ourselves. For our lives. For our stuff. For our freedom. 

But because we fear that we will continue to turn to everyone and everything BUT YOU. 
Let these events stir in us an awakening that draws our hearts to yours, our eyes fixed on You, trusting You to act… on our behalf. To restore peace. To give hope. To calm fears.

Let us quit working and striving for wealth and pleasure and spend our days building your kingdom. Not ours.

It's a high and holy calling. 
We trust You with the details. 

We believe the words that we sing from our privileged pews… You are mighty to save.

Use our privilege for YOUR purpose Lord. 
We are so desperate for You. 
No less desperate than anyone else. 
No less needy than the poor. 
No less weak than the marginalized. 

We are all hopeless without You.

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