Across the Border.

This morning I woke up to our dog barking from her kennel in the garage. It’s nothing new.

We’ve never forgotten to let her out. EVER. But some mornings she insists on reminding us she’s there just in case.

I started thinking about how sad that is. To wake up and feel the need to remind the world you’re alive so they can come let you out of your cage.

And my mind drifted to orphanages. 
{I know, I know...this is just how I’m wired...or how I was knitted in my mother’s womb}

I’ve heard horror stories about babies being left in cribs (or makeshift cribs) all day. Crying.

Or not crying. Because they reach a point where they’ve realized their cries won’t be heard.

It’s a heart breaking reality and one that most of us can’t even fathom but it’s so real and it’s happening way too close to us. Like just across our borders.

So then I remembered my friends Pastor George & Paula who lead a team several times a year down into Mexico. They pack up Uhauls and people willing to serve and bring beans & rice & Jesus to the people.

They also bring clothing and furniture and appliances - anything anyone wants to donate.

Over the last year or so, they’ve needed more donations because they now go into FOUR ORPHANAGES. Four. Orphanages.

And this morning my dog barking reminded me to get money into the hands of these precious servants who are taking Jesus & beans & rice & stuff to feed the bodies of the ones who respond to the cries of the babies. The babies who may otherwise stop crying because no one is there to respond.

So I felt led to share this most recent letter from Pastor George & Paula. I didn’t edit it or change anything about it. But I will tell you that in the past when Sylas & I have donated things to them, I’ve seen pictures of the people in Hidalgo opening up Thirty-One boxes and I’ve seen the joy on their faces as they receive old clothes and items we’d just been storing in our garage.

Remember in Acts when the church gathered and distributed their stuff based on need? That’s how I see this. Except we all have so much stuff....we don’t even miss what we donate. Most of the time, it’s sitting in our garage when it could be a tool in the hands of a messenger of God to love people.

Dear Friends and Mighty Servants,

It is time for our quarterly mission trip to the Mexican border and we are excited for what the Lord will do! The dates are July 20-23, 2018.

Pastors Ezequiel and Edith, of the Power Church in Hidalgo, are so thankful for the rice and beans that you have blessed them with each time we go. They have been able to feed many of the most needy families and children---and many are coming to the church and receiving Christ as they experience the love in action!!!

>>They are now also providing rice and beans to 4 orphanages, a homeless shelter and a rehabilitation center in Reynosa, Mexico and a village church up in the mountains. Y'all are blessing hungry ones of God :-))))

We will be taking a Uhaul truck with clothing, household items, toys, bicycles, furniture and small appliances (all in good working order, please 🙂 and we need your help to fill it to bless the people there. (Perhaps your neighbors, coworkers or fellow church members have items to donate?) The people have very, very little and are always grateful and excited for what y'all send to them. We would appreciate if the clothing is washed, folded and boxed and all items are boxed---thank you 🙂 This helps us alot on packing day!!!!

We pray that once again we all will be able to provide them with enough rice and beans to get them through a few months. Approximately $45 will purchase 50 lbs of rice and 50 lbs of beans. We are all praying to provide them with 4 tons of rice and beans once again!!! That's approximately $900 for 1 ton!!!! Can you help? This is what they need to keep going for the next few months. For some in the mountain villages it is all they will be eating.

If you have items to send down there we will make arrangements to receive them from you---just let us know. 512-633-7439 or respond to this email.

If you would like to donate please

-------Go to our website

to use paypal

-------Or send a check to : 
Angels Healing and Recovery Church,
4430 Manchaca Rd,
Austin TX 78745

Hidalgo servant taking beans to the orphanage.

Hidalgo servant taking beans to the orphanage.