Raising Noticers

I just dug through our school supply stash & decided to make my lists & check them twice before time runs out for Amazon prime.


As I was writing all of this out, I lost it. 
Not just because Jacob is going to be a dang sophomore (I can’t even) - but because I know SO. MANY. FAMILIES. who can’t afford this.

I lost it because I feel so overwhelmingly grateful that we can.

We have more than enough. Or we will once I figure out what’s missing from our stash and get it in their nice new backpacks before school starts on Wednesday.

I buy school supplies in bulk for us & Pirate Pantry year-round.

Amazon Basics has a lot of good stuff. 
Boxed has a 6 pack of 1” binders for a great deal & random other deals. 
Office Max/Depot - I shared their deals earlier this summer. Stocked up there too.

Lots of families will be pinching pennies and going to Dollar General praying they’ve saved enough to equip their kids to learn. LOTS.

I say all that to invite you to have the conversation I had with the boys this week - I begged them to be noticers. To see kids who have needs. To be aware of a kid with a worn out backpack or no backpack at all. To be the boys who offer a pencil instead of ask to borrow one because they’re unprepared.

And the boys know that Sylas Politte and I are willing and able to meet those needs. To get tools in the hands of our boys so they can love the least of these. It starts with noticing them.

We have more than enough. 
Of so many things. 
School supplies is just one thing.

We need our kids on the front lines in public schools. Teachers and administrators and volunteers can’t do it all.

Plus, it’s a great reminder to our kids that it’s not all about them. ♥️