Slowing Down

Driving up into the mountains is a worship experience for me. Every time. No matter who I’m with. Maybe it’s because of what I’m leaving behind. Stress. Frustrations with every day life. Work. Flat, dusty lands of Lubbock. 

Having all of that in the rear view mirror certainly helps. 

But I think it’s more of what I know I’m coming to than what I’m leaving behind. The majesty of the mountains. The cooler weather. A break from the monotonous terrain of west Texas. 

I love change. I love new views. 

Yesterday we drove to Angel Fire, NM - a drive I’ve never made before. I loved that. It was exciting…new territory…new views. My favorite part is when you can roll the windows down and breathe in the cool mountain air. That is the BEST. 

We joked about how ridiculously slow the speed limit is in NM. I even got a ticket just after we crossed the border. But after the frustration wore off, I realized this is what we needed. A slower speed limit. Time to roll the windows down and breathe deep. It was an $82 lesson I won't forget.

You can’t roll the windows down and breathe deeply when you are flying down the road. 

When I’m flying down the road, I miss so much of the things that would be in my peripheral vision. My dad once said “If Satan can’t get you distracted by what’s on the right or the left, he will speed you up so fast you miss EVERYTHING.” 

So these next few days are about slowing down. Not JUST while we are here…but about the discipline of slowing down. About noticing the changes in the faces of these growing boys. Their growth isn’t going to slow down. 

But I can. In my heart and mind and soul. 

I want to soak up these moments. 

I hear that phrase from friends in so many seasons “It’s flying by…” or “It’s going so fast…” “don’t blink or you’ll miss it.” 

Not just the season of watching our kids grow. 

A season of expectation - new job, new move, new baby on the way. 

In retrospect, it all flies by. 

A season of engagement. Newlyweds. Raising toddlers. Flies by. 

A season of suffering…now that seems to linger…and we’d love for Him to speed up the process….but I know every moment has a purpose. None of it is wasted. 

So these trips I take with the boys, as God reminded me yesterday, are about slowing down as a practice, soaking up who they are, reminding them who they are, reminding them who He says they are, and just enjoying them. 

With football season approaching, I see it as a respite. ;) 

And I’m reminded as I write that God is not a God who rushes around hurrying and hustling to accomplish tasks. He is at rest. He is purposeful, intentional, and every thing He does is part of a bigger plan. That gives me new goals and a good reminder to be more like Him as I pursue the goals He put in my heart. 

Today’s goals - enjoy Jacob, Ty and Kyle.