Part 4 - O Come Let Us Adore Him Advent Series


I think when I heard the song “O Come Let Us Adore Him” it just sounded like Christmas music to me. 

But I’ve learned that it’s so much more.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I went to a fancy grocery store around the corner. Even after multiple trips, I still needed a few things. I was out of grocery money and out of time and out of energy.  Empty. 

I struggle to explain this experience. It was the strangest thing, but I felt God’s presence in Market Street. So much so, that I started crying in front of the Little Debbie Snacks. And I had been taking my meds y’all. 

I could not figure it out. I tried to just keep walking but His hand felt so heavy on me. I considered sitting down for a minute but I really didn’t have time. So I grabbed the few things I needed and I walked up to the checkout, still having no idea what was going on inside me. As I scrolled through Facebook (isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you sense the voice of the Lord but aren’t in the mood or don’t have time...)...

I felt like God said, “Shea, look up or you’re going to miss it.” 

So I tossed my phone into my purse. 

I really thought He just meant this season. That I was going to miss the hustle and bustle of it (which I do love, if I’m honest), the beauty of the decorations, the buzz of all the turkeys flying across the scanners and into ovens and onto tables with families gathered around. But as I looked up and saw the grand piano and the extravagant floral arrangements and the wine and the full carts and people grabbing extra stuff at the last minute… all I could think about was how privileged we are. How incredibly rich our community is.  And how desperate so many people are. 

They just live a few blocks away. 
Like Roxie. 
Like the girl who wanted white jeans.
Like the girl who asked for the witch costume.

Tears started flowing again. 

And that’s when I noticed her. 

A woman behind me. She was sitting on one of those motorized carts for handicapped people. Her 3 daughters stood quietly each clutching a treat. The mom had on house shoes. And I noticed a hospital bracelet on her arm. She didn’t look well. In her cart were ramen noodles and bread and milk and just a few other things. Nothing for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, that’s for sure. 

My heart was pounding. I knew I wanted to help her. I wanted to take her home and adopt her and her precious girls. But I prayed and felt like all I needed to do was give her a gift card. So as I was checking out, that’s what I did. I bought her a gift card. I was trembling. My heart was RACING. I don’t know how to explain it. 

Except to say that I was overwhelmed. 

With tears in my eyes and a quivering voice, I handed her the card and said “I hope this helps you with your groceries. Happy Thanksgiving.” 

And that that’s what it looks like to adore Him. 

He invited me to look up. Up from the excess. Up from the draining, mundane moments of my fast-paced lifestyle. Up from the race to keep up with everyone else. Up from the crumbs and the clutter all around me.

He shifted my gaze to reveal that my excess could be used to serve Him. As worship. To meet the desperate needs of those around me that I had missed in all my rushing and running around.

Serving the “least of these” helps me remember how desperate I am for the baby who came in a manger. It reminds me how needy I am when I wake up in the morning for the grace to look up… and for the grace to get out of the pit of depression and into a posture of adoration. 

For the grace to love others with the love He has lavished on me. 

I truly believe that to adore Him is to serve Him.
To get my hands dirty. 

Not so that I can be “busy” serving Him. But so that I can find where He is radically at work, doing things that overwhelm me, and join Him in it. 


Last night I got finished with a long meeting and I texted Jacob and said, “Hey bud how are you?” and he answered, “Stressed.” I said, “Why??” He said, “Dad told me to do all these things and he’s about to be home and I haven’t done them.” That’s encouraging. Usually, he doesn’t give a rip about doing the things my husband tells him to do. So I said, “Well, get started. It’s better for him to come home finding you working on the things He told you to do than for you to just be sitting there doing nothing when he walks in.” 

It’s never too late to get our hands dirty. 

May He find us serving Him when He returns. Let us come and let us adore Him together, church. It’s the most rewarding and fulfilling thing I’ve ever done. 

He has come. In a manger. But He didn’t stay there. 
He went to the Cross. For us. But He didn’t stay there.
He was put in a grave. For three days. He didn’t stay there either.
He’s coming again. We can be sure of that. 

What I was missing… the truth that I had not grasped… was that He is here now. 

My restlessness was not wasted. It had a purpose. It was designed to make me search for more. And that search was one of the most glorious journeys of my life. 

I found Him. I have learned to worship Him. 
He has shown me what it means to come and adore Him… and to stay in a posture of adoration.

O Come, Let Us Adore Him.

Thank you for reading my O Come Let Us Adore Him Advent Series. It feels so formal to say that. It's my journey of learning to walk with Him... learning to find Him... learning to follow Him... and enjoying Him more than anything else. I'll forever be learning this. Thanks for joining me. And for joining Him.