Day 1 - Sunday Night Surrender


Sunday Night Surrender

Sunday nights aren’t for the faint of heart. I remember when weekends were restful and we had sabbaths and we got to take naps. 

Not anymore. 

I feel like we need a weekend to recover from the weekend. 

For me, Sunday nights mean I’m faced with a list of things I didn’t accomplish in preparation for the week ahead.  I just have to determine what we can do without and I’m tempted to leave a memo for the kids that says it’s “survival of the fittest” this week for lunches because mama ran out of time. And energy. 

I don’t feel prepared for Monday or any day after that. 
I feel like I’ve let my family down. 
I’ve let myself down for sure. 
I can’t sit in that place of defeat very long or I start the nasty cycle of self-pity and then I look around and see the messes and the lack of groceries and the dirty clothes and I start blaming. Either myself or whoever is in the room at the time. It’s not pretty. 

This is not how I want to start the week out. 

I want to start the week out with the feeling I had at church this morning when my heart heard the truth of the Word. 
It stirred my soul.
And my mind was convinced that life was all somehow going to work out. 
I celebrated new mercies and the joy that comes in the morning.  
I sang Your Love Never Fails with conviction and hope.

But then we had lunch and football and concession stand duties and I ran by the house and saw the dirty laundry and felt helpless and then we needed a grocery store run and then this family of mine ALWAYS WANTS DINNER. Ugh. 

I would be SO skinny if they didn’t always want to eat. It’s all their fault
Maybe we should fast on Sunday nights. Maybe that’s the answer.
Unfortunately with 3 boys there is no way around dinner and laundry and groceries. 

But there is a better way to prepare for the week. 

I can hear the Lord whisper to me…

My yoke is easy and my burden is light.

UMMMMM have you SEEN my house? My burden is BIG, Lord. Also, have you seen my to-do list? And my pantry? 


Ok well unfortunately the pantry isn’t going to fill itself. I don’t have loaves and fishes for you to multiply to fill it and my kids don’t even like fish. If you’d like to miraculously do the laundry and cause it to jump into their closets that would be FAB. 


I mean….YES! I would love to rest. Really, Lord. I just don’t have time. 

Your heart can be in a posture of rest as you surrender your to-do list to Me.

What does that even look like???? 

It looks like it did in church this morning. 
When My Words soaked your soul in faith and confidence that all things work together for good - that you are not alone - and that my to-do list is the only one that matters.

Oh. True. 

>>deep breath<<

Surrender tonight, Shea. 

I will. I just need to do this one thing first….

You NEED a Sunday night surrender.

Yes, Lord. I sure do. But who is going to take care of all these things? Who will make dinner and do the laundry and get the groceries and say the night time prayers. I at LEAST need to pray with them on Sunday nights, Lord. You know I’m terribly inconsistent with that….

When your heart is in a posture of rest...when you surrender these things to gain renewed strength to complete the tasks. 

You love the weary mamas, don’t you…

I do. 

We need that reminder tonight, Lord. It’s just so exhausting. We need you. 

That’s the way this works. 
You confess your need for Me. 
I meet you right there. 
Right in the middle of the need.

Even if it’s messy??? I don’t even know how to explain what I need.

Always when it’s messy. I know the need.

So I guess this is the part where I pray. 

Here I am, Lord. The Sunday night slacker. Feeling weary and loser-ish and wishing for one more day...heck even one more hour...before Monday hits and I get caught empty-handed. Again. 

I need you. 

I need divine intervention. 

I surrender myself and my to-do list and I repent of carrying all these things on my own shoulders. You can carry it all. I want all that easy and light yoke you talk about. All of that. Wanna trade? 

I do. 

But please tell me you see the need. I’m not making this up. I can’t just “surrender” and not take care of business. And by business I mean this FAMILY you gave me. I want to be a good steward of it.

I see you, Shea. 

You do? You see me? You see these lunches I’m making and this underwear I’m folding and the showers I’m making them take??? At some point will they take showers on their own? I thought SURELY by now I wouldn’t have to threaten them...

I do see you. I love the way you care for your family. 

Thank you. I need to hear that.

As you surrender on this Sunday night I meet you in the mess and we accomplish these things together. 

It’s worship. 

I can worship you while putting peanut butter on the bread? 


Folding underwear? Actually at this point I’m just wadding it up and shoving it in the drawer. That’s worship?

It is when you do it for Me. In surrender.

You’re taking these mundane and menial tasks and making them sound a lot more important. No pressure. 

No, there is no pressure. There is only worship. 

Really? How? I’m exhausted. Everything seems pointless at this point in the day. But it all has to be done. 

This is where you find the energy to do them. 
In Me. With Me. For Me. 
And when you do that, it’s worship.

You make the mundane sacred.

I do. You must cease striving and know that I am God. Not a God who stands far away wishing you’d get it together and wrap up that to-do list so you can memorize Leviticus. 

I am a God who is near. 
I am a God who will be found by you when you reach out to me in the weariest, most mundane moments of your life. 

Even on Sunday nights. In your exhausted exasperation. 
I am with you in all of these things. 

How soon I forget these things. I felt so safe with you - so inspired by the Word and the music this morning in church. That was just 8 hours ago. 

This is why you must learn to walk with me. 
Sunday night is a great time to surrender.

Here we are, Lord. The weary mamas with the endless to-do lists and the demands of the week already on our shoulders. And we have a long way to go. It’s only Sunday. 

We come to You. 
We invite you to show us what it looks like to walk with You this week. 
We need to know you are near. 
We want the easy yoke and the light burden. 

We call on you to rescue us from ourselves and our own heavy yoke and turn our hearts toward the things that You alone call us to do. Remind us of Your Words this week, Lord. Let us be relieved of the ways the world says we must walk and let us see with new eyes the work that You are doing around us. 
Even as we fold laundry.  
Let us hear you and feel you and trust you with all the details.

We ask you to make our mundane moments into sacred moments as we learn to follow You. 
We will follow you one day at a time, one moment at a time. 
We are completely dependent on your new mercies each day. 
We press on in the strength you provide.
Your grace is sufficient.