Day 2 - God Made Mondays

God Made Mondays

Lord, why did you make Mondays? 
Was it to prove our need for You? 
If so, it's working. 


Monday started before I was ready for it. It didn’t ask my permission. 

There wasn’t enough coffee.  

Not enough sleep either. 

My middle kiddo forgot his lunch. My youngest didn’t know where his backpack was - still doesn’t.

One of my boys was opening the oranges for his lunch with a flathead SCREWDRIVER. And he put his cereal with milk in a red solo cup to eat on the way to school. 

Meanwhile I’m thinking, “LORD I have GOT to get to WORK - my phone is blowing up and I have an important webinar and my GOSH my car is a wreck and I’m still wearing the shirt I slept in. But no one knows. I mean surely they can’t tell… It’s a good thing I work at home. You knew I would never survive the corporate world."

So, I get home and get still for a few minutes and just tell God all about ALLL these people and situations that need me and how I’m worn out and it’s 8:15 am and He says,

They do not need you. They need Me.

Cape dropped.


There's something about Mondays that make us surrender our savior complex. 

Mondays remind me that He is the only One who can meet all these needs. These needs that seem to be in my face all the time. I mean my heart genuinely hurts for people and places and situations… some near and some far… some I have ZERO control over… some I wish I had no control over… and some I would love to control, but I can't. 

In that moment of peace when I’m pretending to ask Him for help (but really I’m asking if we can share the stage), He reminds me that I can drop my cape. 

I’m not the hero here. 
I can drop the baggage I'm carrying that’s not mine to pick up. I can drop the offenses and the frustration and I can quit taking it all personal. 

When I drop the cape, I acknowledge that these problems are not a result of my failure at motherhood, at sisterhood, at this wife thing, this business gig, this life attempt.

I’m just an ordinary human completely dependent upon the grace of God.

There’s something about dropping the cape that allows me to find the red solo cup in the cupholder of my car full of milk and leftover cereal FOUR HOURS after it was left there and not lose my mind. 


When my cape is off I'm able to see these minor annoyances as signs of life instead of evidence of ungrateful attitudes.

He invites me to see life through a lens of gratitude. 

His lens is so much more beautiful to look through than mine. I have this narrow view of all these things that I feel MUST be done...messes that MUST be cleaned up….and it’s all up to poor pitiful me...

And in my head I hear the words… He’s got the whole world in His hands. Remember that song? It’s time to start singing it again. 


When we’re kids it’s easy to accept the fact that saving the world is not up to us. But as adults, we quickly pick up the burdens and put them on our shoulders. 
We take up offenses that aren’t ours to take. 
We fight battles we were never equipped to fight. 
We get defensive when we don’t even have the facts. 

We weren't designed to carry this weight. 

We were designed to pray. To walk with the One who carries the weight of the world. He carried it to the cross. 

Once and for all. 

It’s tempting to offer our arms wide open to our friends and family, to offer ourselves to help them, and solve all their problems, but He says,

Come to me. I already did that. Your arms aren’t big enough. 

And when we do…and we drop all these things at His feet… including our cape… our yoke is easy and our burden is light. 

He really did pay it all. We sing it in church… or we used to… but it’s time for us to live like it’s true. 

It’s only Monday. We have a long way to go. 

We must remember and confess that we aren’t the savior of our community… or our friends… or our family. We can’t even save ourselves.

But there is One who can. 

And it is our privilege to run to Him. Not our BFF or our bottle. We have access to the King of Kings. We were designed to pray. All these things are safe with Him.

My goodness, Lord. It’s only Monday. And here we are with the weight of the world on our shoulders. We are bringing it all to you. All the problems and all the situations and all the hurt feelings and all the offenses - we bring it all to you. We are also leaving our cape with you. In good Hands, of course. 

You’ve got this. 

There’s something about saying that out loud…confessing it…that allows the knots in my back to loosen. 

Thank you, Lord. 

Thank you for making a way for all these things to be paid for. Thank you for carrying them to the cross that day. For rising again and for desiring a relationship with us…even when we have our capes on. Don’t you ever just want to laugh at our attempts to be You in the lives of our family and friends? I mean…you have every right. 

Thank you for grace. We need it, Lord. 

After all, it’s only Monday.