Day 4 - Play with the Lead

Play with the Lead

As much as we don't like to admit it, these are uncertain times. Some days the ground seems to be shaking under our feet. The news channels and our news feeds are full of tragedies and warnings and people freaking out and we are tempted to squirm with fear. At least for a moment. But then we get to go back to our jobs and our routines and choose to believe that somehow this won’t affect us. I mean, surely not… surely we can be strong and not give in to fear.   

When anxiety creeps in we search Pinterest for inspirational quotes to share or we might even pull out the Scriptures. For answers and hope and security. Sometimes we find it. 

We try to trust God. We know what we should say... and we know what we should believe... but these things happening across the globe, in our nation and even in our cul-de-sacs cause us to question. They can cause a crisis of faith. 

We aren’t quite as comfortable as we have always been. The “future” used to seem so far away. But the uncertainty is here. It’s now. 

We say that we know He will work all these things together for good. But….when? 


As a mom of 3 boys I go to a lot of sporting events. 

A lot.

An ungodly amount, actually. 

A few months ago I sat watching a basketball game - kind of in my own world.  One of the passionate mamas behind me was yelling at our boys, who were about 10 points ahead, "Play with the lead!! Play with the lead!!"

Now, I'm married to a coach but that doesn't mean I have a FAT CLUE about what's happening on the court. I often have to google certain calls and I DEFINITELY cannot follow plays. Especially in football. When they run those fake plays they get me EVERY TIME!!!

Anyway. I turned around and asked the passionate mama, "What does it mean to play with the lead?" She's gracious. She didn't roll her eyes at me. She just said, "You play with confidence. You don't scramble around like you're losing and panicking. It's about believing you're going to win."

That was profound.

In her words, I heard a description of what the life of a believer should look like.  As the world gets more volatile and the overwhelming circumstances of life creep in and the future seems more and more uncertain, the truth of Scripture says boldly and with passion, “Play with the lead!!” 


You know, I’ve always felt challenged by the passage in Proverbs 31 that talks about “the virtuous woman.” And by challenged I mean freaked out. The passage is overwhelming, to be honest, and SURE SOLOMON we all want our boys to marry a woman like that and want to BE that girl but we also know that is a HIGH calling and clearly beyond the scope of anything we can accomplish in this life.  

But we try. 

A few years ago, a very talented friend of mine penned a portion of the verse. Freehand. She framed it and gave it to me as a gift. I LOVE IT. It sits on the table beside my bed and serves as a reminder of who I want to be. But there is one sentence in the portion of that passage by my bed that sticks out to me during these precarious times: "She laughs at the days to come."


She does?
Has she seen the news?

You know, I think she has seen the news. I think she's well acquainted with what's going on in her nation. And on her cul-de-sac. And her security is in a God who never changes. 

I think she's playing with the lead.

I think this Proverbs 31 gal knows who wins this game.
She knows which team she's on.
She's not scrambling around all freaked out acting like she doesn't know where her hope comes from.
She has a firm foundation and she trusts the Coach.
He's gonna win.
He has had a plan since the foundation of the world.
And she knows she's secure for all eternity.


Lord, we wanna laugh. In the moments when we are tempted to fear the future. For us and our children. And in the moments where we aren't even sure we will make it through the day.

We are so glad we know how this thing ends. We trust You. You know exactly who will be elected. You have known for eternity past and it won't screw up eternity future.

Our hope is in You.

Help us play with the lead. Help us live lives that show our confidence in who You are. We want to be different from the world, Lord. We want them to see us laughing and ask us to give a reason for the hope that we have.

We are secure in You.

We love you Lord. We can't wait to see how you handle this season.
Thank you for the victory.