Day 7 - Sabbath


I often wonder if Chick-fil-A ever calculates the amount of profits they are forfeiting by staying closed on Sundays. I mean, I’m sure they have… considered the cost. 

I’ve lost count of the number of times someone in our family is craving CFA on Sunday. It’s always a shock to drive by and see the whole place shut down, abandoned, lights off and parking lot empty.

Honestly, I think they are an example of obedience to us. 

Our society seems to think that fatigue is a sign of weakness. It’s almost as if “resting” means we can’t hang. We can’t keep up with the busy lifestyle that’s so “in.” 

So instead of resting we find some pill or some patch or some doctor to help us come up with a substitute for rest. 

Because, seriously, who has time for rest?? A nap just seems like a luxury. And a whole DAY of rest seems pretty presumptuous. 

Yet Jesus calls us to “rest.”  He doesn’t say, “Come to me you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you more stuff to do.” He says, “Come to me you who are weary and heavy laden and I WILL GIVE YOU REST.” 


There’s a school building behind our house that is under construction. 

The construction area is secure while they are adding buildings and wings and a gym, but the kids still go to school there each day. I can hear the clanging and machinery every morning. EARLY every morning. Except Sunday. 

The silence on Sunday morning is such a welcome break. 

A rest. 

And yet I wonder in my human mind, the same mind that is SICK of the noise, “If they didn’t take Sundays off couldn’t they finish SOONER?!!?” 

I’m sure they’ve considered the cost.

And since this world doesn’t revolve around God’s economy they must have determined on some spreadsheet somewhere that one day off is good for the project. 

It’s good for people to rest from all their labor. Imagine that. 

He started it. At creation. In Genesis 2:2. He rested. 

But we think we don’t need it? Maybe because we don’t see our work as exhausting. I mean, after all, He was creating the entire world. But He is God and He still chose REST. 

Not just at creation, but again and again throughout the bible. God, the Creator of the Universe, rested. Jesus, fully God but fully man, rested. 

The invitation is there, for us, to rest. We must find that place of rest in Jesus. Where we surrender, hold out our cup, and ask Him to pour Himself in. We ask Him to fill our hearts and minds and souls with Him. Then our cup overflows. 

Whatever we put in our cup on this sabbath day of rest is what overflows into our lives and our workplace and our homes all week long. 


Mama has to choose, in this moment of rest, to refuse to surrender her peace this week. She claims it by getting still, choosing to cease striving, and learning to rest. In Him. 

The beauty is that we can find these moments of surrender at the stoplight if we have to. Or the ballpark. Or the checkout line at the grocery store. 

He is there. Inviting us to rest in Him.


Lord, teach us to rest. 
What does that even look like anymore? 

We find you when we look for you, but we need to remember to stop and look. To look UP and see that you are not far off. You are near. And You wait for us to respond to you. 

We need you to fill our cups. We want to overflow kindness and grace and love this week. In all the places You call us to - we want to overflow YOU.

Take our weaknesses and hurts and frustrations and pains and replace them with You. Pour Yourself into our cups until all that others see is You. 

We choose to refuse to surrender our peace this week. 

You bought it with a price. A pure and precious price. And we claim it, believe it, and walk in it. 

It’s in Your great name that we pray, Amen.