Part 1 - O Come Let Us Adore Him Advent Series

Before this year is up, I want to share a journey with you. I need to. To defeat the enemy and turn what felt like failure and shame into victory and inspiration.

Last fall was a life-changing season for me. There was a day where the weight of my LACK of adoration for our God fell heavily upon me.

I was struggling with depression. Again.

I was bored with my mundane life. The rushing and running around and mess at my house and in my car and the constant demands of our chaotic life were all draining me.

I was very, very restless.

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Part 3 - O Come Let Us Adore Him Advent Series

It was all my stuff. 

All the excess. I looked around at our house and our cluttered cars and started to realize we had way.too.much.stuff. It was stressing me out.  All our needs were met. Every single one of them. In abundance. So much abundance that it was draining me. 

And it was all the ways I was living like the world. Pursuing the American dream. Chasing after the nicer car, the bigger house, the most athletic kids, the latest trend. It’s perfectly acceptable in the church because we are all doing it. 

But I knew that is not what I was called to do.

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Part 4 - O Come Let Us Adore Him Advent Series

I think when I heard the song “O Come Let Us Adore Him” it just sounded like Christmas music to me. 

But I’ve learned that it’s so much more.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I went to a fancy grocery store around the corner. Even after multiple trips, I still needed a few things. I was out of grocery money and out of time and out of energy.  Empty. 

I struggle to explain this experience. It was the strangest thing, but I felt God’s presence in Market Street. So much so, that I started crying in front of the Little Debbie Snacks. And I had been taking my meds y’all. 

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